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Southern Leyte, Philippines


Sightseeing in Southern Leyte

Whether you are enticed by relaxing on stunning sandy beaches; seeking pristine coral reefs for world-class diving; or craving the excitement of a zip-line adventure over the tallest bridge in the Philippines - Southern Leyte is your next 'must visit' destination.

Jaimee's Hotel is perfectly situated to allow travelers to explore and experience all that this wonderful region has to offer.

Tourist Attractions near Jaimee's Hotel & Resort

Listed below are just a few of the local attractions within easy reach of the hotel.

Southern Leyte Map
  • Limasawa is a day trip from the Hotel
  • Diving in Padre Burgos one hour from the Hotel
  • Cagnituan Falls (walking distance from Hotel)
  • Mountain caves (30mins drive from Hotel)
  • Mountain Climbing in Hanginan (walking distance from Hotel)
  • Fishing trips
  • Canigao Island Day Boat Trip

For directions and details on how to take advantage of visiting these exciting destinations please speak to the staff at Jaimee's Hotel.